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Interviews / Media

The Importance of Mental Health & The Role of Microbiomes: I participated in Illumina's Genomic Discoveries Industry Speaker series, which is designed for K-12 Life Science and Biotech educators. Listen to me and Priyam Singh, a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Illumina as we discuss understanding of the importance of caring for our mental health and wellness, strategies for how we can begin to engage with microbiome research and how our microbiome can impact our behavior and brain function.

Genetics Society of America: Spotlight. Read about why I joined the Genetics Society of America's Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP), how I've navigated my academic trajectory, and ways I hope we can increase equity and honesty in science. 

March of Dimes High School Science Week with Salk's Education Outreach. Watch this video about the research ongoing in the Chalasani Lab at the Salk Institute and listen to a lively Q&A with me & some of my favorite people!

Comic-Con@Home with the League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers. Tune in to youtube to watch and listen to me (+8 other extraordinary scientists!) talk about the supernatural things that are actually super-normal to us. 

Salk's Where Cures Begin Podcast: Hear about my ongoing postdoc work, my love of outreach, and the crazy world of pun competitions. Read the article here.   

KingCon LIVE! - Women in Science: Watch an awesome discussion with self-described nerdy women in science for KingCon's virtual Con. I come in @1hr 35min in. 

Interview with ASCB "How Cell Biologists Work at Home": Read an interview by Dr. Emily Bowie about how I have been working from home during the covid-19 pandemic. 

Interview with San Diego Buzz: Listen to me discuss my PhD work with Chris Conner of the San Diego Buzz. 

Molly Matty being interviewed for Salk's "Where Cures Begin" Podcast. Photo by Salk Institute / Chris Keeney

Being interviewed for the Salk Institute podcast "Where Cures Begin". Who knows what she is trying to explain. Photo by Salk Institute / Chris Keeney. 

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