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Are you a scientist* & want to get involved in science outreach? Here is a list of few ways!

*A scientist is anyone who does science. You could be a high school student on a science olympiad team or an undergraduate working in a lab or a person with a backyard full of bottle rockets. You can get involved!

 -- Also note that almost all of these organizations have ways for trainees/mentees/students to participate (receive the mentorship, education, or opportunities) in these programs. 


I am ACTIVELY seeking scientists to help put together Virtual Itty Projects for my VASE students.
Virtual Itty Projects: 

If you find yourself wanting to mentor a student but not having enough time to take on a student of your own, a VIP is perfect for you! These projects should be <a few hours of work for you, and a few hours of work for a student (or a small group of students).

  • You will teach them about your research topic, show them some data, and teach them how to analyze those data.

  • They will work independently and send you their results (~ a few hours of their time).

  • Students will get hands-on experience working with data, learn a new field of science, and network with a brilliant scientist!

  • You will get experience mentoring without a huge investment of your time and  [hopefully] get some work done for you! 

  • Fill out this form to tell me about your ideas for a Virtual Itty Project

    • Past projects include: fluorescence microscopy analysis and  microbiome data analysis

Nationwide Efforts:  

  • Skype a Scientist:

    • Sign up to virtually visit classrooms across the country!

  • Science Olympiad (all over the country)

    • Coach a team of grade-school students, or write tests, or proctor exams. 

  • GSMI: Graduate Student Mentor Initiative

    • Get partnered with a student applying for graduate school to provide insight into the application process.

  • NSURP: National Summer Undergraduate Research Program 

    • Get partnered with an undergraduate to do virtual mentoring over the course of the summer. ​​

San Diego, CA: 

  • SciREN-San Diego:

    • we train researchers to write lesson plans about their cutting edge research while also addressing Next Generation Science Standards for teachers in San Diego, CA.

    • Check out our lesson plans on + sign up for more information on the link above.

  • BUMMP: Biology Undergraduate and Master's Mentorship Program

    • only for UCSD affiliated students/mentors, partners graduate students&postdocs with undergraduates&masters students from identities historically underrepresented in STEM. 

  • LXS: League of Extraordinary Scientists + Engineers

    • A quirky group of scientists who demand equity in education. With this group, you can present science at local libraries, the county fair, local schools, bars, and field trips. 

  • San Diego STEM Ecosystem

    • A great place to get started in San Diego STEM outreach. Connects various community projects to enhance STEM education and scientific literacy. ​

  • ​Salk Education Outreach

    • Offers programs like virtual chats with a scientist, summer mentoring opportunities, and mobile/virtual labs visits for K-12 classrooms. Mostly for Salk scientists to participate, but open to other San Diego-based scientists for many of these opportunities. 

North Carolina 

(I used to live in the Triangle area of NC so here are my suggestions for that area)

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